Can You Move as Fast as Your Students?

Digital transformation in higher education is here. 
Jenzabar One modernizes your organization to support
the new student.


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 The question isn't if you should migrate to the cloud, it's when and how.


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 The Reality of the New Student

There is a shift in the way students consume higher education. Students are looking for a more personalized and connected experience with choices in how, what, when and where they learn. They want responsive and easy administration. They are mobile and technology savvy….and they expect you to be too.

Build Student Success

The new student needs to be the heartbeat of your organization. Jenzabar One gives you the tools to be more engaged, responsive, and connected to students. It gives you the competitive edge you need to meet your enrollment and retention goals and helps your organization becomes agile and responsive to competitive pressures.

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Why do more than 1,300 campuses trust Jenzabar ?

It's Powerful

From recruitment and retention to payroll and administration, there's virtually nothing you can't accomplish with Jenzabar One.


It's Easy

The Jenzabar One platform is exceptionally easy to use, so you be can more responsive to students and quickly and cost-effectively adapt to evolving higher ed needs.


It Offers Choice

One size does not fit all. Jenzabar One’s modular design allows to mix and match functionality to meet your needs.


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